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Without You
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Morning Star
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Soul Food
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Lonely Walk
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Winter Sun
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Back Off!
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Think Deep are proud to present the Midnight Mist LP from up and coming producer Euphorics. It's the first time that a single artist has released an full length album on the label, but with the quality of the tracks being churned out by this talented Serbian based artist it was a no-brainer. The opening two tracks have already received a vinyl release on Think Deep - 'Without You' is an epic roller in collaboration with Silence Groove, and the title track 'Midnight Mist' has received heavy support from the likes of Grooverider - a multi-layered liquid lullaby which still gives me goose bumps every time I hear it. The rest of the album does not disappoint, and while the quality production skills are evident throughout, Euphorics' great diversity is also exemplified. Any dancefloor will love the building energy of 'Fiesta', or the vocal skills of MC Bojah in the track 'Morning Star' which featured in many of LTJ Bukem's setlists. On the other end of the liquid spectrum, 'Lonely Walk' or 'Winter Sun' are perfect for those groggy Sunday mornings!


Label owner Andy Sim's long awaited debut album is available on CD exclusively from this website. Only £10.00 including worldwide delivery!

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