The return of Think Deep Recordings was met by wide spread acclamation across the drum & bass industry, following an exceptional set of years releasing pivotal records which set a standard for the label right from the beginning. Since 2015 they’ve been collecting some of their most resounding tracks to date and can now unleash two segments of a various artists album, featuring forty tracks which represent ‘The Best of Think Deep Recordings’.

This includes tracks from Andy Sim, who has helped pioneer the imprint through twenty two digital releases and three vinyl from 2009 through to 2015. These have included four huge ‘various artists’ compilations, standalone albums from the Deep Recordings’ roster (by Euphorics, Glen E and Andy Sim himself) as well as a number of solo EPs delivered by the likes of SoulTec, Lurch & Undersound.

The ‘Best of Think Deep Recordings’ presents the highlights from those seven years, reminding you why they their back catalogue caused such a stir during that period. Whether this is the final hoorah or the remnants of a new beginning, Think Deep are still making their impact felt, two years on from a time that left a lasting impression on the drum & bass scene.

For audio or to buy the LP:

Check our part one here

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Label owner Andy Sim's long awaited debut album is available on CD exclusively from this website. Only £10.00 including worldwide delivery!

Previous Releases

All of Think Deep's releases are available for digital download, including the tracks from our three vinyls. You can get more info on all of these releases and listen to snippets by clicking below!

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We have a list of Think Deep free tunes up for your convenience! Never look a gift horse in the mouth, whatever that means...

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